Martin Jarvis serves as one of a handful of pastors for ASPIRE Church in Dayton, Ohio. 

Martin is married (Kimberly) and lives in Dayton, Ohio.  Born in Los Angeles California into a military family, he lived on various military bases in the United States, spending 4 1/2 years of his childhood living in abroad in Europe.  Although Martin's father was a typical "lifer", his mother was a Christian.  Martin spent his youth four and five times-a-week in Pentecostal church services.  As well, he practiced the martial arts and studied Far East philosophy while embracing a 70's counter establishment lifestyle.

Martin joined the military at the age of 17.  Shortly after entering the USAF, Martin became an Atheist - embracing a mindset that "As long as I don't hurt anyone there should be no rules."   After serving in the Far East he separated from the USAF and lived abroad for a brief respite before seriously embracing the next phase of his life.  In 1981 he entered the corporate world with NCR Corporation where he worked for thirteen years before taking a monetary buyout from AT&T.  Five months later (to present) he began working for the Federal Government.

Martin, in his sixth year with NCR, while at home, had what he calls an epiphany and began embracing the existence of God.  From 1988 to 2008 he mentored and taught "at risk" youth from Dayton's inner city.  He created an outreach program for inner city teens.  From 1990 to 1998 he served as Church elder for ASPIRE Church in Dayton.
In 1998  he became an ordained pastor and currently serves as a staff pastor for ASPIRE Church in Dayton, Ohio.

Martin, from 1990 to 2008, was mentor and weekly keynote-speaker for the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center.  From 2003 to 2004 he served as chaplain for Belmont High School in Dayton.  And, from 2004 to Present Martin has been active in inner city community outreach.

Martin Jarvis created, in 2005 "Another Perspective" and currently produces and hosts this spiritual commentary shown in Ohio and Indiana weekly on Cable.   And, early 2010 he created, and now produces and hosts "Listen!" an urban commentary to the same region. Martin is far from traditional and often challenging to tradition.  Spring-boarding from traditional Christian philosophy he interjects unique and highly palatable perspectives for those who are truly searching.  Martin's own philosophy is simple... "You CAN be happy... for real!"

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